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Greening the cities

Green blog Worldchanging posted a story and link recently about the mayor of Los Angeles, and his commitment to making the city “the greenest in America”. Quite a turn-up for a city that has always been known for smog and its love affair with the automobile.

The story reports that LA’s deputy mayor recently spoke to a group of concerned citizens. According to the report, the city hasn’t spent “a dime” in 15 years on freeway expansion, and has instead invested in making the city more bike friendly, and emission-free buses. Hard to change the habits of a lifetime, though.

LA-based actor Ed Begley, last seen in Six Feet Under, is known for his passionately Green lifestyle. Perhaps other (more current?) stars can be convinced to persuade the public that taking the bus is cool? Hmmm, could be a tough sell.

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