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Cleaner coal?

A very cogent here on the various influences at work in the ever-greening world - science, legislation, and commerical interests. The central question is the function of whether to build plants that will be able to “carbon capture” the carbon dioxide waste that is the byproduct of coal production. Sounds like a great idea, but the science is not straightforward.

The communications challenge of explaining these science versus research versus industry facts and opinions is formidable. We tried a short time ago to capture this complexity in an article about how the public will sometimes decide on a certain fact, even when science refutes it. Companies can sometimes do little to turn back the tide of that kind of fixed public opinion.

I know virtually nothing of carbon catching, but I know that one  breathtakinginly straightforward statement will catch the layperson’s attention more than 1,000 pages of micro data. In this article, it was said by Robert Socolow, a Princeton professor and expert on carbon catching. “There’s no reason to wait,” he said. “We’re going to learn on the job.”

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