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Are there any green trends that we should be looking into for either PRWeek or this particular blog? Comments via comments or e-mail are much appreciated.

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  1. Bob Kopach on August 28th, 2007

    The Electric Vehicle Company believes that one area which consumer product
    companies can start making an immediate positive impact on the environment
    is limiting the number of gas powered promotional vehicles for sampling,
    special events and mobile advertising. Every year, thousands of gas
    vehicles take to the streets to promote a product. We think that
    consumer product companies need to think not only about WHAT they are
    marketing as being green, but also HOW they are marketing should be green
    too. Does a company really need a Hummer, SUV or even an 18-wheeler to
    pass out a product sample or literature? And what about the large
    gasoline powered mobile billboard truck stuck in traffic? What
    environmental message does that say about the company?

    That is why EVC is introducing its line of all-electric, pollution and
    gas-free, street legal vehicles to promotion/advertising agencies and
    consumer product companies. Using these vehicles help support and
    communicate a company’s commitment to the environment while conducting
    field marketing activities.

    All of these Eco-friendly vehicles can be easily wrapped and used used as
    promotional/advertising vehicles for indoor and outdoor special events,
    festivals, retail events and street sampling — all without polluting.

    In addition, to supporting its environmental causes, companies would also
    see a great cost benefit by no longer having to pay $3.00+ a gallon for gas.

    We would love the opportunity to introduce our vehicles to you and discuss
    our efforts with you in more detail.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Bob Kopach
    The Electric Vehicle Company

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