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Little steps

So, much of this blog’s focus has been on the big things corporations, their agencies, and their executives are doing to become or, cynically, appear greener.

But what are individuals doing to better protect the environment? I’ve brought my own silverware into work and noticed that I’ve started demanding that takeout places not put any plastic utensils into my order, if I will be dining at home.

Less than a baby step, sure. But a step nonetheless. What about you?

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  1. The Editors Blog » Blog Archive » How to pitch; not by mail! on March 23rd, 2007

    [...] As previously said, I’m trying to become a little greener each day. Through prints out and subway reading, I use a lot of paper. And that concerns me. But what concerns me more is being sent snail mailed press releases. Please don’t do this unless there’s some added component that makes postal mail compulsory. Considering how I often want press releases yesterday, the fact that it reaches me days after it was sent, rather than milliseconds, also provides a compelling argument for e-mail. Keep in mind, I’m not speaking for the rest of PRWeek. One man’s humble opinion. [...]

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