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Conference Schedule announced

In case you’re not obsessively checking the sidebars for updated information, we have released the Target Green conference schedule. You can view it here or after the jump. Your call.

May 10th 2007
The Palace Hotel

San Francisco, CA 94105

Corporations are going green like never before, in response to growing pressure, environmental concern, and the desire to simply do the right thing.

This conference will feature keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions on how corporations are making meaningful changes that benefit the company, and the planet, and how PR and marketing play a crucial role.

Jeffrey Hollender, CEO, Seventh Generation

“The Greening of Corporate America: What it Takes to Really Make a Difference”

CASE STUDY: GE and Ecomagination

The panel will deconstruct GE’s Ecomagination initiative, which is widely regarded as being one of the most successful sustainability programs of its kind. The panel, which will consist of GE’s communications executives and representatives of their agency partners, will offer a multidisciplinary perspective on the program’s conception, as well as the planning and implementation of its communications campaign. Specific topics of discussion will include: overall positioning, research, advertising, and stakeholder engagement.
Moderator: Julia Hood
Peter O’Toole, director, public relations, GE
Robin Murphy, VP of communications, World Resources Institute
Robert Knott, EVP, Edelman

Panel: Food Marketing in the Green Era

Green marketing has significant implications for the food business. The industry has a huge environmental impact, spanning everything from growing practices, to packaging and transportation, to the human ecology of wellness. In a business famously driven by taste, how influential can environmental considerations become? Now that we’ve reached a tipping point on global warming awareness, will its impact extend as far as food? This expert panel will discuss the issues.
Moderator: Cohn & Wolfe representative TBD
Deborah Trefts, Americas fisheries outreach manager, Marine Stewardship Council - Americas
Ted Smyth, chief administrative officer and SVP, corporate and government affairs, Heinz
Steve Bryant, president, Seattle, Publicis Consultants and founder, Nutrition Marketing Research Institute
Byron Freney, VP, client services, The Hartman Group

Break: 11:00-11:30

Panel – The Future in Clean Tech

Innovation is not just about coming up with the next great gadget, but also about how to ensure that it does as little damage to the environment as possible, from the smallest MP3 player to the largest energy generator. With technology playing a part in virtually every facet of life, clean tech strategies are at the front lines of real cultural change. This expert panel of client and agency partners will discuss the clean tech landscape, including the hottest trends and technologies out there.
Moderator: Dan Gillmor
John Baker
, chief strategy officer, Austin Energy
William Brent, VP, leader of Cleantech unit, Weber Shandwick
Scott Elrod, manager, hardware systems laboratory, Palo Alto Research Center
Karen Kahn, VP of global communications for Sun Microsystems
Jodi Olson, senior account director, Text 100
Michael Kempner, CEO, MWW Group

Lunch break 12:30-1:15

Paul Zeven
, CEO of Philips North America: “Sustainability: Delivering on the hype or delivering the hype”

Case Study: Siemens and the Megacities

It is projected that by the year 2030, over 60% of the world’s population will live in cities. Growth is particularly rapid in so-called megacities, which are those with more than 10 million inhabitants. While the rise of the megacity represents significant economic growth potential, it also creates equally significant infrastructure and environmental challenges. Siemens has been working with many cities around the world to identify new “green” strategies that will help to create the cities of tomorrow, and combat these environment issues over the next decade.
Moderator: Weber Shandwick representative TBD
Jack Bergen
, SVP of corporate affairs and marketing, Siemens
Rick Walker, senior national environmental solutions manager, Siemens Building Technologies
Mary Todd, VP of administration and operations, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Panel: Sustainable Corporate Reputation

Sustainability initiatives are changing the way that companies do business, but what is the impact, if any, on corporate reputation? How do you measure and evaluate the resonance of sustainability programs on reputation, and what is the impact on the company if these initiatives are seen as inauthentic? This expert panel will evaluate the issues around tying the green momentum in corporations to the overall sustainability of the companies they represent.
Moderator: Robin Johnson, president, The Financial Times, Americas
Peter Verrengia
, managing director, Communications Consulting Worldwide, a Fleishman-Hillard company
Suzanne McCarron, manager of communications, ExxonMobil Corporation
Krista Pilot, director of community affairs, United Technologies Corporation

3:15-3:45 - Break

Case Study: Dow – Fulfilling the Promise of the Human Element

In 2006, The Dow Chemical Company took ambitious new steps toward communicating the company vision — to be the world’s largest, most profitable and most respected chemical company. Beyond an emphasis on environmental responsibility and good corporate citizenship, Dow is seeking to highlight the many connections between its growth strategy, scientific leadership, and the company’s mission to “constantly improve what is essential to human progress.” This is the thematic foundation of Dow’s “Human Element” campaign which is integrating advertising, media relations, employee communications, financial communications, community relations, advocacy, and strategic philanthropy to express the interrelation of innovation, financial growth, and engagement in the challenge of engaging the challenges of environmental responsibility and sustainable development on a global scale.
Patti Temple Rocks
, VP of communications and reputation, Dow
Greg Sendi, EVP, GolinHarris
Sean McCarthy, VP/management director, DraftFCB

Panel: Changing Consumer Behavior

Consumers more than ever are seeking out companies and products that demonstrate sustainability in their processes and materials. But they are also looking for ways to integrate green options into their own lifestyles. This panel will examine the opportunities that marketers have, not only to communicate their own sustainable endeavors, but also to help consumers embrace a greener lifestyle through the brands they choose to engage with.
Moderator: Bronwyn L. Fryer, senior editor, The Harvard Business Review
David Frink
, senior manager, global public affairs, Dell
David Zucker, partner, Porter Novelli
Mona Liss, corporate PR director, Ikea US

Evening reception and speaker 6:00-9:00 pm

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