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Tech gadgets blamed for climate change

Are flat-screen TVs the new SUV? They are according to the latest report to chide the tech industry’s environmentalism. The report – the Ampere Strikes Back – is from the UK-based Energy Saving Trust. It blames the influx of tech gadgets, like flat-screen TVs, laptops and DAB radios, for increasing domestic energy demand in the UK, and undermining efforts to limit climate change. By 2020, these gadgets will account for 45 % of electricity used in the UK households, the report predicts.

Critics of the report say the new technology is replacing more wasteful gadgets. For instance, MP3 players don’t use CDs, and flat-screen TVs need fewer raw materials than their bulky predecessors.

Recently, the tech industry has come under fire for its environmentalism. It’s a trend to watch.

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