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Roundup: Green cleaners under scrutiny, Cindy Crawford writes green

Green News for the week 04.28.08

The LA Times , “How safe are your green cleaning products?” The article points out that even plant-based or so-called natural ingredients can pose health risks, largely because this space remains unregulated. The green cleaning sector should take note:

“And though green cleaners may purport to list all ingredients, the market is largely unregulated - which means consumers still must be wary of what’s in the bottle. Even cleaning products labeled ‘natural’ may contain some fraction of synthetic chemicals. Or they may contain natural ingredients consumers would rather avoid, such as petroleum distillates, some of which (namely, benzene) can cause cancer, and all of which come from oil, a nonrenewable (read: environmentally unfriendly) resource.”


- Cindy Crawford joins the long list of celebrities to speak out about the environment, reports TreeHugger. Crawford will write for Vanity Fair’s “VF Daily” as a part of the Green Beat team.

- Houston edges out Los Angeles as the top polluting city in America, reports NPR.

- Slate argues PETA’s $1 million fake meat contest is just a publicity stunt.

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