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Roundup: US scores low on Greendex, Chipotle’s humane meat

Green News for the week of 05.12.08

National Geographic launched the Greendex to measure how consumers in different countries are changing their behavior toward a goal of environmental sustainability. The results are somewhat surprising, unless you consider how the survey measures consumption. The term is used to measure how often consumers repair rather than replace items; use cold water to wash laundry; choose green products rather than environmentally unfriendly ones; and use public transit.

Brazil and India tied for the highest Greendex score, followed by China, Mexico, Hungary, and Russia. Among the wealthier nations, Great Britain, Germany, and Australia tied for the highest scores, followed by Japan, Canada, and France. US consumers had the lowest Greendex score.


Newsweek Chipotle’s business decision to use only humanely raised meat.

Nissan buzz for its electric car.

John McCain outlines to fight global warming.

Changes could be in store for green building standards.

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