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Roundup: Wired calls for carbon consiousness

Wired’s latest cover is an alarming and ironic call for environmentalists to: “Keep Your SUV. Forget organics. Go nuclear. Screw the spotted owl.” The cover story argues that carbon emissions is the most important green issue, and especially courts controversy in its laundry list of 10 “inconvenient truths” about the environment. Among them: “accept genetic engineering,” “farm the forests,” “used cars are better than hybrids,” and “organics are not the answer”. The issue also includes a counterpoint to the inevitably contentious piece.


Green West, a convention to showcase eco-friendly businesses, opened this week. Among the most popular items were zero-flush urinals, soybean-based cleaning products, and bamboo fiber bathrobes, the LA Times.

Automaker Lexus and celebrity environmentalist Paul McCartney faced criticism after the company flew a new hybrid Lexus to the singer from Japan to England — essentially canceling out the the car’s environmental value, reports NPR.

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  1. [...] like this may energize the ubergeek to address dramatic eco-wrongs. Yet, as a leading magazine WIRED! owes its readers more factual, responsible approaches to this critical issue. If you can look beyond the inherently flawed theory behind the article, [...]

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