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Roundup: Consumers confused by green messaging, Exxon urged to reassess its business

More consumers want to buy environmentally friendly products, but many are confused about what it means to be a green company - often because of unclear messaging by marketers, reports NPR. Among the companies criticized for misleading messaging is BP and its “beyond petroleum” tagline, largely because the majority of the company’s business still comes from oil. The report also cites a study released last week by Bentley College that ranked companies based on how green they are perceived to be by Generation Y. The rankings reflect consumer confusion, with Toyota ranking number one despite being a manufacturer of SUVs and Nike landing on the “worst” list despite recycling shoes and using organic materials, according to NPR.


Members of the Rockefeller family urge Exxon to take global warming more seriously and to seek alternative fuel sources, the NY Times

Wired contributing editor Spencer Reiss explains his controversial cover piece to NPR

Hybrids are soaring in , resulting in long waiting lists for consumers, reports the LA Times

Solar gadgets next for Apple? Maybe, according to

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