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First greenwashing, now “green noise” confusing consumers

It’s not just greenwashing that is exasperating green consumers. Yesterday’s New York Times the issue of green noise, which it defines as “static caused by urgent, sometimes vexing or even contradictory information played at too high a volume for too long.” The confusing and conflicting messages around buying green have left consumers grappling with dizzying questions like, “Are organic salads shipped from across the country better than lettuce salads from a local industrial farm?,” the Times reports.

Sure, the green industry has some contradictions embedded into its operations and it’s not easy to quantify which eco-choices are better than others. But is there a PR opportunity amid all this confusion? Would like to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Dagny McKinley on June 17th, 2008

    The good news is, even if there are contradictions, people are thinking green. The very question of is it better to buy organically if grown in Mexico, or locally is a sign of how far we are coming. However, playing on people’s confusion is way to try to get people away from green choices. I say buy locally and organically whenever possible.

    Dagny McKinley
    organic apparel

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