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Roundup: Sunscreen under scrutiny for eco-hazards

Green news for the week of 07.01.08

Just as maybe the biggest summer weekend gets under way, the Washington Post examines the environmental and health hazards of sunscreen. Chemicals in sunscreen have been linked to hormone-disrupting activities in lab tests and low birth in infant girls, according to the article. John Baily, chief scientist at the Personal Care Council, a trade association that represents sunscreen manufacturers told the Post the ingredients in sunscreen are FDA-regulated and the one in question is only found in “very, very low levels that may be showing effects in animal or cell culture testing. All evidence that we have is that it’s not a risk to health.”


Companies have learned: Sex sells, green sells, reports the Seattle Times.

Jimmy Carter’s former press secretary speaks to NPR about why the presidential candidates aren’t talking conservation.

Eco-friendly lodging gains

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