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Roundup: Gore’s Plenty interest debunked; new green blog launch; Wales discusses Wikia Green; and more

Green News for the week 9.22.08

After rumors surfaced last week that Al Gore was interested in buying (or at least becoming involved with) Plenty magazine, the EcoRazzi says that isn’t so. It reports, “Plenty founder Mark Spellun acknowledged there was a deal of some sort in the works but said it was ‘not correct’ to say that Gore was buying the company.” The reason? It’s not Gore interested in the magazine, but his partner for Live Earth, Kevin Wall.  EcoRazzi reports, “’He is looking into a few different opportunities with Plenty,’ confirmed a spokeswoman for Wall speaking to Wired. ‘He’s not in a position to be speaking about what those are just yet.’”


Chrysler unveils three battery-operated cars on Thursday, making it an industry leader in the space, the Los Angeles Times.

The New York Times launches Green, Inc, a blog about “energy, the environment, and the bottom line.” The authors will discuss the mesh of business, politics, and sustainability. The newspaper also ran a special section called the Business of Green last week.

Jimmy Wales talks about Wikia Green with TreeHugger.

Portland sustains its eco-image, topping the sustainable city list - again.

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