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Roundup: Electronics go green; Wal-Mart calls for less consumption; tap water’s comeback; and more

Green news for the week of 10.20.08

Time reports on the role consumer electronics play in pollution.  The piece spotlights “carbon neutral” initiatives at Dell, but also acknowledges that most consumers are still in the dark about the efficiency of their electronics.  And when companies like Intel and Dell roll out efficient processors or PCs it probably has more to with saving money for the IT companies than broader green goals.  “The total cost of powering a server over its lifetime is beginning to outpace the cost of the computer itself,” Tod Arbogast, Dell’s director of sustainability tells Time. “Customers are going to demand innovation on this — for the environment and for efficiency.”


Treehugger wonders whether Wal-Mart CEO, Lee Scott, called for less consumption at a recent speech

Plenty reports California’s green policies have resulted in a job surge

Economic woes mean more on tap water’s comeback, says The Press-Enterprise

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