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Green Roundup: Reactions to the Seattle blaze, and can tech CEOs run green businesses?

Did a “shadowy group of  radical environmentalists” torch three multimillion-dollar (and green-certified) homes along a Street of Dreams in suburban Seattle, the Seattle Times investigates.   Graffiti at the scene points to the Earth Liberation Front, prompting some environmental groups to condemn the act. According to a Seattle radio station, John Passacantando, national director of Greenpeace USA,  said the organization has publicly stated it opposes all forms of violence “whether it’s foreign wars by the US government or destruction of property by people with agendas here in the US.” The suburban inferno has also given rise to some debate around the media’s use of the word “eco-terrorism.”


The Economist asks, can tech moguls be successful clean-tech leaders?

Christians give up carbon for lent, reports the .

TreeHugger reports that the green message resonating with journalists is no longer just: energy savings = cost savings. Now reporters want to know about the chemicals that go into homes and why they are unhealthy.

More bad news for the dry cleaning industry.

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