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Roundup: Greenpeace takes on Kleenex’s latest campaign, more woes for Fiji and the water industry, Ikea invests in cleantech

News for the week 08.21.08

Greenpeace and animator Mark Fiore have banded together to take on Kleenex’s new Wall*E themed Kleenex boxes.  The eco-group produced an animation parody that “highlights the biting irony of the world’s largest maker of disposable tissues, Kimberly-Clark, using a children’s movie with a strong environmental message to sell a product made of ‘virgin’ fiber clearcut from ancient forests and containing no recycled content,” according to its release.


The Economist wonders if water is the oil of the 21st century.

Fijians don’t have access to Fiji water, claims Food and Water Watch.

Ikea invests 50 million Euros in cleantech startups with the goal of eventually selling solar panels and other smart technology in its stores.

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  1. [...] Fiji Water is fighting back against Erica Schuetz’s Food & Water Watch blog post that cited a BBC program claiming that one-third of local Fijians have no access to clean drinking water (which I referenced in this week’s roundup). [...]

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