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MWW greens up

MWW announced, via press release, that it has launched a campaign to create a “green company.”

As an important part of the “Take Charge, Initiate Change, Get Green”
campaign, the firm has partnered with, a non-profit
organization that supports renewable energy efficiency and reforestation
projects that reduce and offset carbon dioxide emissions. As a result of
the firm’s contribution to projects that will offset its carbon foot print,
MWW Group is now a carbon neutral company.

The firm is also instituting a number of new administrative protocols
concerning energy use and environmental responsibility. Among the new
policies, MWW Group will now require that all offices recycle aluminum
cans, plastic and glass bottles, and where possible, the agency will
continue to recycle the hundreds of pounds of newspaper received by its
offices. The firm is also changing all bulbs in its offices to Energy Star
fluorescent, which use 2/3 less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.

It will be interesting to hear more from the agency, when we get their answers back for our Agency Q&A series.

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