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Roundup: Questioning the effectiveness of the We Campaign; Nitrogen takes on carbon; Bill Nye’s eco-comeback; and more

Green News for the week 09.03.08

Time wonders whether the messaging behind the We Campaign has been effective.  First the campaign (which is funded by Al Gore’s nonprofit Alliance For Climate Protection) featured ads with unlikely bedfellows Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton and now shows other Americans coming together to solve climate change.

The piece commends the organization for not using scare tactics or bearing down readers with science.

If Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth was meant to diagnose climate change for a country that at the time was still widely skeptical, the We Campaign is meant to find a cure…Too often greens have relied on shocking the public with the threat of catastrophic climate change. That was necessary until recently — breaking through the barrier of denial built by climate change skeptics required all the subtlety of a hammer.

Even so, Time questions whether the tactic has worked. For example, in a year when climate change was expected to headline the presidential discourse it has taken a backseat to sky-high gas prices and off-shore drilling.  Any thoughts?


Conservation groups against off-shore drilling advocate for oil companies that want to do just that, the Los Angeles Times.

Bill Nye The Science Guy talks to Ecorazzi about his new show for Planet Green.

The New York Times if we should we be treating nitrogen as being as dangerous as carbon. 

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