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RoundUp: Plug-in cars contribute pollution, Clorox’s green line questioned, and Nader runs

Green News for the week of 02.26.08

Another blow to the alternative car industry. USA Today reports, while plug-in hybrid cars reduce gasoline consumption, the vehicles might actually increase air pollution. The technical explanation, “That’s because a plug-in’s lower tailpipe emissions may be offset by smokestack emissions from the utility generating plants supplying electricity to recharge the big batteries that allow plug-ins to run up to 40 miles without kicking on their gasoline engines.” According to the article, General Motors, Toyota, and Ford still have plans to roll-out battery powered prototypes in the next few years.

Also: The Environment Report asks, if Clorox is committed to the environment and its Green Works line is just as effective as its signature products, why not eliminate the conventional products and become an entirely green brand? Clorox responds, as long as there are consumers who want Pine-Sol and bleach — it’ll keep selling them.

Minnesota considers a ban on certain chemicals in children’s products.

Ralph Nader for the presidency to either the delight or dismay of environmentalists.

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