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Roundup: Subaru factory goes green; Friedman calls for an American-led green revolution; Virgin Atlantic gets green props; and more

Green News for the week 09.11.08

The Subaru factory in Lafayette, IN is the first auto assembly plant in North America to become completely waste-free. According to Wired :

“Last year, 100 percent of the waste steel, plastic and other materials coming out of the plant were reused or recycled. Paint sludge that used to be thrown away, for example, is now dried to a powder and shipped to a plastics manufacturer, ending up eventually as parking lot bumpers and guardrails. What can’t be reused — about 3 percent of the plant’s trash — is shipped off to Indianapolis and incinerated to generate electricity.”

The Inspired Economist also covered the story.

Thomas Friedman’s new book Hot, Flat, and Crowded calls on Americans to start a green revolution. Is it possible? Click links for NPR review and New York Times .

Virgin Atlantic gets kudos from TreeHugger for teaming with Worn Again to recycle its seat covers into bags.

Supposedly-leaked photos of GM Volt show the car is more traditional than people expected.

Time takes on what environmentalists have been saying: meat contributes to global warming.

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